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Fish Creel Fish Creel
Fill your small, 7" fish creel with several items for a basket remembered. It later works really well with a potted plant for freshening a home or office.

SKU: 4004,  Price: $25.00

Gourmet Ship Box Gourmet Ship Box
Sometimes an elegant, easy open, 6" through 12" gourmet box is all that is needed to ship your items. If no basket or box is selected, we will ship your items in a USPS Flat Rate box.

SKU: 4000,  Price: $15.00

Large Picnic Basket Large Picnic Basket
Everyone loves to picnic. Supplying them with our 16" large and deep picnic basket will provide years of enjoyment. Line it with our fleece blanket, then fill it with Montana goodness. You can also secure the blanket (sold separately) on the lid. We do not ship this basket, local orders only please.

SKU: 4007,  Price: $45.00

Reed Trunk Reed Trunk
Using one of our 9"-12" trunks for your next basket will assure that your items ship safe and secure. The handsome design works really well for home or office storage with later use.

SKU: 4003,  Price: $20.00

Small Picnic Basket Small Picnic Basket
Picnic baskets often evoke memories of warm summer days and relaxed, simple meals. Utilize our 13" secure, willow trunk for your next custom basket, that also works well for elegant home or office organizing.

SKU: 4006,  Price: $30.00

Willow Tote Willow Tote
Our 8" or 10" willow tote serves a multitude of uses. Choose your Montana selections and we will determine the best size, then ship or deliver it locally.

SKU: 4002,  Price: $20.00


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