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Caramelicious Caramelicious
Sending someone that loves caramel just became easier with our Caramelicious Basket. It will arrive with 2 packs of sea salt caramels, 2 packs of sea salt chocolate caramels, coffee, and complementary snack napkins all in our lined willow market.

SKU: 6000,  Price: $69.00

Chocoholic Chocoholic
Do you have a favorite someone that absolutely loves chocolate? This basket will deliver your wishes, complete with 2 packs of sea salt chocolate caramels, 3 grizzly paws, and 1 pack of chocolate bliss with enough complementary snack napkins for all this chocolate goodness!

SKU: 6001,  Price: $64.00

Crazy for Berries Crazy for Berries
Taking care of someone's love for chocolate and Montana berries is easy with our Crazy for Berries basket. Included in our market lined tub are six packs of four different truffles...dark chocolate strawberry, dark chocolate raspberry, milk chocolate huckleberry, white chocolate huckleberry and complementary snack napkins to pass.

SKU: 6003,  Price: $58.00

Huckleberry Trail Huckleberry Trail
Montana is down-right famous for our huckleberries. Handcrafted in northwest Montana we bring you our lined willow market with 2 packs huckleberry bark, 2 packs huckleberry cordials, 2 packs huckleberry truffles and complementary snack napkins to keep everyone spiffy!

SKU: 6002,  Price: $68.00


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