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13 oz. Huckleberry Jam 13 oz. Huckleberry Jam
When you have hungry huckleberry lovers to send a basket to, include our 13 oz. jam. It works especially well for those that also love to bake huckleberry bars & cookies as well as have their very own coffee mug when the jam is gone!

SKU: 1009,  Price: $10.00

5 oz.Huckleberry Jam 5 oz.Huckleberry Jam
Add a little fun and function to your basket with our small, 5 oz. jam. Each jar has a handle and optional shaker lid to be used later for salt and pepper, cinnamon and sugar, or a favorite spice. Without the lid, it's a fun way to enjoy that shot of espresso or cordial...Montana style.

SKU: 1000,  Price: $6.00

8 oz. Huckleberry Jam 8 oz. Huckleberry Jam
Let us deliver our generous 8 oz. jar of luscious, wild, Montana huckleberry jam, from Missoula's Huckleberry People. From their time honored, family recipe, the intense, wild berries will enhance every custom basket.

SKU: 1001,  Price: $8.00

Bean to Bar Bean to Bar
Handcrafted in our beautiful Bitterroot Valley is Montana's bean to bar chocolate. Made with 72% cocoa, this artisan chocolate is designed for the true chocolate lover!

SKU: 2001,  Price: $6.00

Bistro Basket Bistro Basket
Send or deliver your products in one of our Bistro Baskets. We will select the best size to fit your number of Montana Made items. All completed baskets will arrive with a cheerful liner and in a secure, corrugated box. Shipping prices will be added at checkout. More baskets are available for local orders.

SKU: 3007,  Price: $30.00

Bistro Box Bistro Box
Simplify your shipping decision with our Bistro Box. We will securely pack your products in the appropriate size box and ship it for you. If a box or basket is not selected, we will ship in a Flat Rate Box.

SKU: 3002,  Price: $15.00

Bistro Card Bistro Card
Adding a Bistro card, by Montana artist Nancy Cawdrey, to every one of our baskets is just what we do. No charge...on the house...just fill out your greeting as you check out or give us a call.

SKU: 3012,  Price: $0.00

Dark Chocolate Bar Dark Chocolate Bar
Brand new from The Montana Chocolate Company is their simple, 1 oz. Dark Chocolate bar. With 53% cocoa, it's the perfect pick me up for your chocolate lover.

SKU: 2017,  Price: $3.00

Fresh Roasted Coffee Fresh Roasted Coffee
Off the beaten path, deep in our beautiful, Bitterroot Valley is Hamilton MT. Our resealable, 2 oz. bag, from locally owned, Big Creek Coffee Roasters satisfies those seeking the perfect standard 10-12 oz. drip coffee, single serve pour over, French press, or Keurig reusable filter...fresh, organic,every time.

SKU: 2012,  Price: $4.00

Grizzly Paw Grizzly Paw
Deliciously decadent, intense and rich, our artisan grizzly paw from The Montana Chocolate Company, is handcrafted utilizing only premium gourmet chocolate, lush, creamery caramel, and whole, roasted cashews. Using a cherished, family recipe, "Grizzlies" are the perfect individual indulgence.

SKU: 2010,  Price: $5.00

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