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Bean to Bar Bean to Bar
Handcrafted in our beautiful Bitterroot Valley is Montana's bean to bar chocolate. Made with 72% cocoa, this artisan chocolate is designed for the true chocolate lover!

SKU: 2001,  Price: $6.00

Dark Chocolate Bar Dark Chocolate Bar
Brand new from The Montana Chocolate Company is their simple, 1 oz. Dark Chocolate bar. With 53% cocoa, it's the perfect pick me up for your chocolate lover.

SKU: 2017,  Price: $3.00

Fresh Roasted Coffee Fresh Roasted Coffee
Off the beaten path, deep in our beautiful, Bitterroot Valley is Hamilton MT. Our resealable, 2 oz. bag, from locally owned, Big Creek Coffee Roasters satisfies those seeking the perfect standard 10-12 oz. drip coffee, single serve pour over, French press, or Keurig reusable filter...fresh, organic,every time.

SKU: 2012,  Price: $4.00

Grizzly Paw Grizzly Paw
Deliciously decadent, intense and rich, our artisan grizzly paw from The Montana Chocolate Company, is handcrafted utilizing only premium gourmet chocolate, lush, creamery caramel, and whole, roasted cashews. Using a cherished, family recipe, "Grizzlies" are the perfect individual indulgence.

SKU: 2010,  Price: $5.00

Huckleberry Truffles Huckleberry Truffles
Send Larchwood Farm's signature collection of huckleberry truffles, artfully designed with authentic, huckleberry filling in a selection of white, milk, and dark chocolate. Bold and unique, yet wild and delicate. Sorry, temporarily unavailable.

SKU: 2004,  Price: $0.00

Milk Chocolate Bar Milk Chocolate Bar
Just in from The Montana Chocolate Company is our Milk Chocolate Bar. Just like it's decadent cousin, our Dark Chocolate Bar, this little gem will add the perfect touch to your guest's chocolate basket.

SKU: 2002,  Price: $3.00

Sea Salt Caramels Sea Salt Caramels
Most everyone from Montana is familiar with Bequet Confection's award winning Celtic Sea Salt Caramels. Their made from scratch buttery accent finishes with enticing chunks of sea salt for 20 memorable bite size pieces. Sorry, temporarily unavailable.

SKU: 2003,  Price: $0.00


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