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13 oz. Huckleberry Jam 13 oz. Huckleberry Jam
When you have hungry huckleberry lovers to send a basket to, include our 13 oz. jam. It works especially well for those that also love to bake huckleberry bars & cookies as well as have their very own coffee mug when the jam is gone!

SKU: 1009,  Price: $10.00

5 oz.Huckleberry Jam 5 oz.Huckleberry Jam
Add a little fun and function to your basket with our small, 5 oz. jam. Each jar has a handle and optional shaker lid to be used later for salt and pepper, cinnamon and sugar, or a favorite spice. Without the lid, it's a fun way to enjoy that shot of espresso or cordial...Montana style.

SKU: 1000,  Price: $6.00

8 oz. Huckleberry Jam 8 oz. Huckleberry Jam
Let us deliver our generous 8 oz. jar of luscious, wild, Montana huckleberry jam, from Missoula's Huckleberry People. From their time honored, family recipe, the intense, wild berries will enhance every custom basket.

SKU: 1001,  Price: $8.00

Huck Medley Jam Huck Medley Jam
When low sugar and comfort are needed, look no further than Larchwood Farm's 11 oz. jar of Huck Medley Jam. With only a small amount of organic sugar added to wild huckleberries, loganberries and red raspberries, this recipe is one to try.

SKU: 1008,  Price: $10.00

Huckleberry Syrup Huckleberry Syrup
Adding our 10 oz. flask of wild, huckleberry syrup to your next basket will delight those seeking a robust product with no artificial flavor or preservatives. Served over French toast, pancakes or even ice cream, its the way many Montanan's enjoy their favorite berry.

SKU: 1002,  Price: $8.00

Huckleberry Topping Huckleberry Topping
Due to the popularity of our huckleberry jam and syrup, we now offer our 10 oz. Topping from the Huckleberry People. A little more tart than our other products, our favorite way to enjoy it is over a traditional cheesecake or let your guest try a new recipe using our Huckleberry Recipe Book.

SKU: 1003,  Price: $8.00

Huckleberry Truffles Huckleberry Truffles
Send Larchwood Farm's signature collection of huckleberry truffles, artfully designed with authentic huckleberry filling in a selection of white, milk and dark chocolate. Bold and unique, yet wild and delicate. Sorry, temporarily unavailable.

SKU: 1006,  Price: $0.00

No Sugar Huckleberry Preserves No Sugar Huckleberry Preserves
Yes, that is right...9 ounces of huckleberry preserves made without sugar! Whole berries are waiting for those who prefer their huckleberries sweetened with other fruits yet always sinful...another great product from The Huckleberry People.

SKU: 1004,  Price: $9.00

No Sugar Huckleberry Syrup No Sugar Huckleberry Syrup
That's sugar added! The Huckleberry People hand-craft this 10 oz. health-conscience product for those who like their huckleberries sweetened with other fruits, yet always decadent.

SKU: 1005,  Price: $9.00


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