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Best Kept Secret Best Kept Secret
Montanans love huckleberries and always keep their favorite picking spots a secret. Enjoy giving this basket, complete with huckleberry jam made with traditional ingredients and huckleberry preserves made with no sugar. We've complemented your double lined willow basket with creamy dark chocolate and complementary snack napkins.

SKU: 6000,  Price: $56.00

Chocolate Fixes Everything! Chocolate Fixes Everything!
Spoil your favorite chocoholic with our latest chocolate basket. Our red, logger check lined fish creel will arrive with two super dark, heron chocolate bars, two chocolate almond nut patties, and two dark chocolate grizzly paws. It's especially fitting for someone who loves rich, dark chocolate.

SKU: 6002,  Price: $64.00

Grizzly Encounter Grizzly Encounter
Huckleberry picking in grizzly country can be quite an adventure. Send or deliver someone a Montana picnic in the meantime, complete with our double lined trunk style picnic basket filled with huckleberry syrup, topping and jam, eight chocolate bars, three packs of freshly roasted coffee, and grizzly salad claws. Create a very special office or home picnic.

SKU: 6003,  Price: $106.00


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